Film & Green Bans (1971-1984)


Chips Mackinolty, poster for Remember Mick Fowler, 1979. Chips Mackinolty, Rocking the Foundations: A History of the NSW Builders Labourers Federation 1947-1974. Poster by Pat Fiske. Rocking the Foundations Film Clip



Pat Fiske
Filmmaker and builder's labourer who conducted contemporaneous interviews with Mundey and and other BLs leaders. Released as “Rocking the Foundations : History of the New South Wales Builders Labourer’s Federation, 1940-1974”, director Pat Fiske, 1985, Bower Bird Films, Sydney. 


The Glittering Mile, a Film 1962, is an important resource on the history and "Spirit of Kings Cross" and Woolloomooloo



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