Greens Ban Art Bibliography

    Artist Links: Green Bans & Community Activism against re-development, gentrification & sell-offs

    Alison Alder -
    Vanessa Berry – Mirror Sydney, extensive documentation of 1980s mural movement; see also Berry’s book Mirror Sydney (2020) -
    Claire Lewis – We live here at
    Keg de Sousa -
    Len Fox, artist, journalist and local  historian. Exhibition: Len. Fox. Comrades Up the Cross, 2004 -
    Margaret Grafton, artist and local community group leader. Exhibition: Margaret Grafton. Weaving in Metal, 2006. -
    Bianca Hester - Website: / Down City Streets: George Molnar, cartoonist and architect. Exhibition 
    Chips Mackinolty - & Chips Mackinolty, Social Fabric
    Wendy Murray -
    Raquel Ormella -

    Green Bans Art Walks, 2011. Green Bans Art Walk Exhibition in 2 Parts: The Cross Art Projects and The Firstdraft Depot Project Space, Sydney. Exhibition focus Woolloomooloo & Victoria Street, Kings Cross, linked by art walks with local experts on Victoria Street and Woolloomooloo Green Bans part of Performance Space Art Walks. Exhibitions at 

    Opening of Green Bans Exhibition Part 1 at The Cross Art Projects: by Jack Mundey with response by Peter McClelland, president CFMEU Opening of Green Bans Exhibition Part 2 at The Firstdraft Depot Project Space: by Edmund Campion with response by Joe Owens, former BLF secretary.

    Walk speakers: Wendy Bacon, Meredith Burgmann, Christopher Dean, Michael Davies, Jim Donovan, Michael Dysart, Joe Owens, Stacey Miers, Merilyn Fairskye, Ian Milliss and more.

    Artist participants:

    Louise Kate Anderson, artist and member BFP at
    Pat Armstrong & Jo Holder, Green Bans Victoria Street & Woolloomooloo, Map and Document
    Josie Cavallero and Anne Kay
    Michelle Blakeney, artist & photographer
    Diego Bonetto, artist and member BFP at
    Christine Dean, artist and art historian
    Bec Dean, curator of Performance Space Art Walks, 2011. (Which incorporated the Green Bans Art Walk for 40th Anniversary of Sydney’s Green Bans). At
    Pat Fiske, filmmaker and historian
    Justin Hewitson, documentary filmmaker; Video Green Bans Art Walks, by Justin Hewitson, 2011
    Jo Holder & Fiona MacDonald, Green Ban Archive 1971-1974
    Lucas Ihlein, artist and member BFP
    Fiona MacDonald, artist and honorary curator Kandos Museum at
    Marion Marrison at
    Ian Milliss, artist and journalist
    Mickie Quick, artist, printmaker and designer
    Joe Szabo, artist

    Associated Publications, 40th Anniversary and Green Bans Exhibitions & Art Walk, 2011

    CFMEU Poster for 40th Anniversary of Green Bans: Download pdf
    Green Bans Art Walk, 6-page photocopy booklet, 2011.
    Reviewed in: Realtime and Art Monthly Australia; and featured in the Live Art Almanac Vol.3 (2013) published by the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) in London.
    Art Monthly, Shoot for the head, Ian Millis 2012: Download pdf
    Green Bans City News, August 2011: Download pdf
    Tracing History: Green Bans Art Walk: Read article
    Walk, Performance Space, 2011. Text by Christine Dean.

    Related Exhibitions and Projects on Activism, Heritage and Urbanism (Sydney) and beyond

    2006: Redfern-Waterloo Tour of Beauty, 2006: a minibus tour of inner-city Sydney produced by Squatspace at SquatSpace at; also at
    2006: It's a new day… Artspace, 2006. curator Sally Breen invited a selection of Sydney-based artists to engage with the Woolloomooloo community at
    2009: Housing the Seafaring Nation: Millers Point and The Rocks, 2009: An Ephemeral Public Art Installation by Ruark Lewis. National Trust (NSW), Observatory Hill; Abraham Mott Community Centre and Baby Health Centre in Millers Point, Sydney. Curator Jo Holder
    2009: There Goes The Neighbourhood, 2009: an exhibition and book about the contested inner city suburb of Redfern in Sydney, curated by Keg de Souza and Zanny Begg, Performance Space at CarriageWorks at
    2010: Therese Ritchie and Chips Mackinolty, Not dead yet, a retrospective exhibition by Therese Ritchie & Chips Mackinolty, 2010
    Curated by CDU Art Collection and Art Gallery Curator Anita Angel.
    Not Dead Yet featured a comprehensive range of screenprints, posters, drawings, photographs, digital collage works and limited edition fine art prints and paintings, dating from 1969 (Mackinolty) and 1988 (Ritchie), through to the present day.
    Not Dead Yet catalogues (special edition, 72-pages, full-colour & designed by the artists). Available through Charles Darwin University Art Gallery/CDU Bookshop: or by contacting the artists
    2011: The Right to the City, 2011: an exhibition, symposium and book about ways to remake cities in more socially connected and sustainable ways. curated by Zanny Begg and Lee Stickells, Tin Sheds Gallery, Architecture Faculty, Sydney University
    2011: Green Bans Art Walk
    2011: Performance Space Walks Project
    2015: The Point Is? Community, Heritage, Relationships … Save Millers Point, in Redfern. At
    2017: Claire Lewis – We live here at
    2019: Zanny Begg, Beehive (film) -


    On the 50th anniversary of the Green Bans, the ideals of their struggle to protect heritage and environmental amenity for all to enjoy are more urgent than ever. In 2011 the Green Bans Art Walk and Exhibition (in two parts at The Cross Art Projects and The Firstdraft Depot Project Space), told the story of an inspired period, its charismatic leaders and grass-roots heroes. The project comprised a series of public guided walks between the exhibition venues functioned as a living instruction manual and moral compass charting stories of good and evil, creativity and conflict. Read more


    The Powerhouse Museum Alliance is a group of concerned citizens working to save the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. The Alliance includes longstanding benefactors of the museum, former trustees, design and heritage experts and senior museum professionals. Read more